Alcohol Gastritis Symptoms + Treatment

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Alcohol gastritis is a treatable condition – if you realize you have it and get appropriate care. But if you aren’t able to identify common alcohol gastritis symptoms, you may not get the treatment you need until you’ve already incurred substantial harm. What Is Alcohol Gastritis? Before we discuss alcohol gastritis symptoms and treatment options, […]

7 Tips To Get Quality Sleep During Opiate Withdrawal


7 Tips To Get Quality Sleep During Opiate Withdrawal Table of Contents Opiate withdrawal is often the first and most uncomfortable phase in the journey of opioid detox. While many symptoms such as nausea, muscle aches, and restless legs can present themselves, insomnia, in particular can be one of the most frustrating symptoms. Unfortunately opioid […]

Nashville Substance Abuse Statistics

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Nashville Substance Abuse Statistics Table of Contents Substance abuse statistics for the Nashville region and the state of Tennessee indicate that the area continues to be plagued by high rates of drug use, addiction, and overdoses. Find Help Now At Music City Detox, we understand the emotional, mental, and physical impact that addiction can have […]

Delta-8 Withdrawal Timeline


Delta-8 Withdrawal Timeline Table of Contents The delta-8 withdrawal timeline isn’t usually as severe as opioid or alcohol withdrawal. But that doesn’t mean ending your use of this substance is easy. Thankfully, you don’t have to go through the withdrawal process alone. At Music City Detox, our detox programs in Nashville can be a vital […]

Meth Withdrawal Symptoms and Timeline

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Meth Withdrawal Symptoms and Timeline Table of Contents Don’t let misinformation or fear of meth withdrawal symptoms keep you trapped in the darkness of compulsive substance abuse. When you get the facts you need, you’ll be prepared to make the best decisions for ending your meth use and building a healthier future in recovery. At […]

How Long Do Opiates Stay in Your System?

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How long do opiates stay in your system? What types of drug screens can detect these drugs for the longest amount of time? How can you get help to complete opiate withdrawal safely? If you have been looking for answers to questions like these, today’s post is for you. What Are Opiates? Opiates are a category […]